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It’s one of the biggest crazes happening across America and definitely keeping us entertained late nights! And now it has come to the Upper Cumberland! It’s Carpool Karaoke with the Freak Show in the Mornings and Cumberland Kia right here on 98.5 KISS FM! Get registered today and don’t forget to tell us your favorite songs you like to sing in the car! Each Wednesday, Freaky Dave will randomly select one lucky listener during the Freak Show in the Mornings, then on Thursdays you’ll join him in a rousing rendition of somewhat bad singing as we drive around town in a brand new Kia! Then we’ll drive over to Seven Senses on Broad where Freaky Dave will treat you to lunch! Then every Friday morning, everyone in the Upper Cumberland will get to hear if you have what it took to survive Carpool Karaoke! It’s probably gonna be off key singing, a great lunch, a lot of laughs, and maybe the label of future You Tube sensation with the Freak Show in the Mornings’ Carpool Karaoke! With your hometown favorites at Cumberland Kia, and 98.5 KISS FM! 

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